Through the hearts and minds of those who still  love and admire Freddie Prinze.
Coming together as fans of Freddie, we  remember his love and laughter still to this very day.
Hello to everyone
I would like to say that I am and will always be a fan of the late great Freddie Prinze. He was the greatest and he should be remember for his creativity,laughter,generosity, and the time he gave to his fans. He was a great actor, singer, and comedian. He had it all and he deserves to be remember in such a honorable way.I enjoy watching him on Chico and The Man and I was so happy when he finally receive his star. I am very proud that his son has put his signature looking goood catch phrase at the end of his weekly sitcom.
Although I'm not as talented as all of the Freddie's fans who have submitted beautiful tributes picture wise, I just want to say how he has made such a difference in my life. He fills me up with happiness when I watch him performing and he was truly a kind and gentle young man. I am so proud of his son and how he pays his father homage each and every week at the end of his own show.

Freddie Prinze...there will never be another you..beautiful, beautiful boy.

I didn't have a connection in the since that I knew him;  but, I have always  thought of Freddie Prinze, Jr. as a very special person.  In my book, he did a lot to help get the Hispanic culture recognized on television, which was a media that was not very accepting of our culture in the era of the 70's.  The best thing about Freddie Prinze Sr. was that although he was obviously in a lot of personal pain, he  opened the eyes of a young girl at the time and made "me" see the struggle we would have to contend with and that although it wouldn't be easy, we should and could do it with a big smile on our face.

Thank you, Freddie where ever you are, you have really impacted my life as well as the lives of others, as now I am a 41 year old woman who influences the lives of others as a teacher.

Yolanda Garcia


Although I was young at the time, I will always remember Freddie Prinze Sr. My family always watched his show and don't recall ever missing an episode, for he always made us laugh and put a smile on our face. He was true at heart. He won my heart as well as thousands of others. He is in my thoughts now and always

   Debbie Small

Freddie... I still remember "Chico & The Man" although I was just a young child. I guess the memories are so strong because you brought something new to television along with comedy that kept me and my sibling rolling. We didn't even know any Hispanics back then - and you brought to us all the trials and tribulations of being Hispanic in the 70's. You also demonstrated how proud you were to be an American of Hispanic descent. You were something new and different to us... and we loved you for your uniqueness. -Aubrey

I want to say how proud Freddie,Sr. would be to see how well his son turned out be today.  Kathy has been a good mother and she brought up his son right and he turned into a decent man.   Today his son Freddie,Jr.has his own television series every week on Wednesday nites on ABC.  

Freddie,Jr. is well liked and adored by many,many fans and television viewers.  I was never in Freddie,Sr's. fan club when I was much, much younger.  But,my parents used to watch 'CHICO AND THE MAN' back in the 1970's. I did not know who the late Freddie Prinze was,until I saw his pictures and I read about him in the magazines back than.  I worked at a family fish and chicken place when the show first came out in September 1974.  The late Freddie Prinze was just as well liked and admired by millions of people, as well as his son is today.  I ordered the DVD 'CHICO AND THE MAN' last October 2005. And I get a lot of enjoyment out of playing the show everyday. It is an honor to thank George Lopez for Freddie, Sr's. tribute.  DEBBIE P.
I have loved this man since I was 13 His humor and his show was a great help to me after my mom passed away in 1974 and I will never forget him I had a necklace that said #1 Freddie and wore it all the time, Thank you for this wonderful site that pays tribute to my hero Sincerely Karen Kauffman
Hi, Freddie Prize still lives on through his son. He will always be remembered forever. There will never be another one like him. Freddie is at peace. May God bless him and his family for his legacy still lives on. - Millie

I will always remember Freddie with love and smiles.
God bless you Freddie.Toni
He brought so much to the Hispanic culture in the early to late 70s and was truly an American Icon.  I wish he could still be with us today making us all laugh in such an uncertain and cold world.  Hopefully, he is looking down on all of us and encouraging us to move forward in life and to always keep laughing.

I want to thank him for all the laughs he has brought to me as I was growing up. Judy

With Freddie Prinze, the amazing quality about  Freddie Prinze, Sr.; is  that he filled everybody's hearts and souls with love and laughter.  Freddie was a truly gifted person, so much that you did not see  a Latino comic or a Latino  actor-you saw Freddie  always first.

He shot to stardom like a comet. And that's the kind of teacher that others, like comedians and actors want to see first; so they could carry on the way he did.

I remember my mother asked my niece who I light a candle for with Freddie; "Did you ever watched 'Chico and the Man' before?" And my niece said, "No." My mom said to her, "Oh...You aught to see that show...It's a good show...You would like that show..." My mom was at her sick days years later when the show was off syndication during the 1980's. She was on an oxygen tank at the time when my niece always went to see her. My niece was always close to her. My niece was just like Freddie. She always stood- up for herself. Plus, she always put her foot fore- ward. You might as well say she was like Kathy Cocharan-Prinze; Freddie Prinze's ex-wife. My niece was the bossy type too, just like Kathy. And loving and caring like Freddie,Sr. And, if any- body ever remembered Freddie,Sr.; he always put his foot forward in acting. He just got lucky.

Freddie and Tammy have a second chance in life right now. They are in a better place right now. ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! Debra Lynn Payne.
I remember watching Chico and the Man as if it was yesterday.  Freddie was a talented star who died way before his time.  He will always be remembered as a person who bought a smile to millions that will be cherished forever. I hope you are looking down at us to see how many people you touched.  You will always be missed.  Maria and family

My sister and I  were avid fans of Freddie and miss him dearly! How do you miss someone you never meet? Easily he touched our lives with his love of comedy and his laughter! Till we meet at Heaven's gate; here's to you Freddie! Lookin' good man after all these years! Candy Y Yvette Carrasquillo
To a special person Freddie Prinze.You give us laughter and your joy to all T.V. viewers around the world.Never forget your beautiful smile when say "Looking Good". Share your joy and laughter in heaven. I miss you!
Rachel G.

To Freddie Prinze & Family.Now at 44 yrs.I think back how I never missed an episode. He was the best. When he passed, I put the newspaper clipping on my closet door where it stayed for years. Sitting here at 3:00 am at the computer I thought of him yet again still to this day, typed in the www and his name & behold,,,THE MEMORIES. I thank you for this site. To Freddie's Mother, son, & Family members, God bless you & keep you. Once again Thank you for this site. Edward Taylor 
What I admired about Freddie was his look and the way he carried himself.

His hair.... the way he held the microphone.

Then when he spoke and told his comic jokes there was a sense that was familiar to me. I felt an instant attraction to him. I laughed at every joke. I felt excited to see him on the Johnny Carson show. He appeared nervous but I couldn't take my eyes away from the TV. I instantly loved him....

My sister was with me and we both thought he was hot.

When Johnny Carson asked him over to sit down I was still so excited.

So many years have passed by since I first saw him that it feels a little unreal. To be sitting in front of my computer and talking about him after so many years have passed is a testament to his character. He would love that we still remember him.

        I still get twinges of him even after all these years. For  those who don't know my signature says "Say no to drugs".  One night while I was sleeping I felt Freddie telling me to pass these words to all the young people out there. It was like he was telling me "You have the power to pass this message" so I did it in honor of him.  - Jennylee                                         
I always felt that Freddie had indescribable magnetism. When you saw him you couldn't turn the channel because he was so captivating, funny, had this sexy voice     that made you coming back for more. I remembering tuning in to TV Land and there was Chico and The Man playing and I had no idea it  was even on. I was so drawn to him that I ended up spending the entire weekend watching the shows.        Since then so much has happened and I've met so many wonderful people on this board that feels exactly the same way. Thanks Freddie for  all the happiness, funny lines, tender moments shared with Jack Albertson and a very young talent that still is unmatched to this day. Happy Birthday!!  -Macca
Freddie Prinze Sr. in my estimation was one of the most talented  comedians  of the 1970's and one of the  handsomest Hispanic men in entertainment.  He takes his place along with Ricardo Montelbalm, Guy Williams, Dezi Arnez Sr.   and Dezi Arnez Jr.  He broke into  show business at the right time in the 1970's when       minority entertainers were finally getting a break. 

  His  stage  presentation, boy full charm and ethnic  humor made him a favorite among all Americans.  I am an  African American female, who fell in love with Freddie   Prinze because he reminded me of the boys in my neighborhood.  He was cool,  hip and sensitive, the kind of guy all girls like.  It is too bad that he fell into the same trap that so many entertainers  fall into, the glitz and glamour of fame.  It seems that always  happen to the young, talented and naive.  May he always be remembered along with Marilyn Monroe, Jimi  Hendrix, Dorothy Dandridge and James Dean.  They all died too young.
-Sharon Streeter

Hi, its a little after midnight here on the west coast and by being so it is the 53rd B-day of one Freddie Prinze, as I know him by his stage name. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.  When I found your web site I broke down for I thought "Hey I was the only one who remember him".  But I was wrong, and when I saw his name on the Hollywood walk of fame I felt proud that folks like you and George Lopez who  never forget people like Freddie who sole purpose was to make people smile and laugh. God Bless you
John L. Maldonado
USN  ret.
His album changed my life as a kid
God bless him. I always talk about him at the close of my shows Comedian Mike Oquendo
You are missed and loved by so many people. I will never forget you, your sweet voice and beautiful smile. God bless you always! Cheers, here's to you on your special day!!!

Hi, its a little after midnight here on the west coast and by being so it is the 53rd B-day of one Freddie Prinze, as I know him by his stage name. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.  When I found your web site I broke down for I thought "Hey I was the only one who remember him".  But I was wrong, and when I saw his name on the Hollywood walk of fame I felt proud that folks like you and George Lopez who  never forget people like Freddie who sole purpose was to make people smile and laugh. God Bless you

John L. Maldonado
USN  ret.

My Sweet Freddie - there isn't a day or night that goes by that I don't think about you.  It's been 30 years since you've left us but your memory is ever so fresh in my heart and mind.  I often look up to the skies and know you're smiling down on me.  I still miss you so much.  I miss hearing your voice and seeing your sweet smile.  Thank you for always making me feel so special and for all the beautiful memories. I will always keep our special moments in my heart.  Something I need not share with anyone.

I had a difficult time moving on after you left this earth but knowing that someday I'll see you again, I find comfort. I'll always love you and will never forget you.  Sweet dreams my love.

God Bless You!
Bouquet Flowers with card on the left  and some on the right are from  Suzanne on behalf of all fans who still love him.
                                      Thanks Michelle Gussow  for taking this picture for me
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