For those of you who have not seen this wonderful tribute  to Freddie, take the time to view it, as it is great! Thank you Suzanne, for always taking the time to remember, and your thoughtfulness in your tributes to my dear, beloved, friend Freddie Prinze. I loved him then, I love him now, and he will forever, occupy a corner of my heart.

I spoke with his mother, Maria a few days ago, and she is well, and in good spirits. She sounds like she did, 30 years ago, and she is so full of life. She is not a computer person, but told me to tell all of you, how much she appreciates, all of you, and especially Suzanne, for keeping the memory of her son Freddie, alive.

She is living in Puerto Rico, and I am hoping to visit her soon. She was so responsible, for helping Freddie towards his success, and she was, and still is, a tower of strength, that I admire so deeply. I love her dearly, and she knows, how much she means to me. Her son, was my dear and close friend, whom I shall always remember, and cherish our times together, both on, and off the set.

Today, is the 31st year of his going to heaven, and though it makes me sad, when I think of how much we all miss him, and would like for him to still be with us "physically", I also rejoice, in knowing, he is in the hallow, of God's hands, and is sitting at the table with Jesus, which we all want to accomplish one day. Freddie, is in heaven, and he is still...LOOOKING GOOOD! God Bless you all...Mando
Thank you for taking the time to join me in the memory of Freddie Prinze.

  Hi everyone...Very soon, in late  January, it will be the 30th anniversary, of the day, when our favorite "Prinze", went to his heavenly party, and  celebrated  his  homecoming,  as  all  the  angels ,  and the heavenly  host, were waiting for his grand entrance, through the pearly gates, at, 7777 Heaven  Place,  Angelstown,  Heavensville  77777.

  For 30 years now, the party has not stopped, because you all know Freddie.   He loves entertaining, and since he now has, everlasting life, his energy is like  the energizer bunny, who keeps on going and going.  And remember,  this  is, a special day, because Freddie is celebrating his 30th anniversary,  which allows him special privileges.

  He gets to let all of us here on earth know, that he is still doing great, and is going to love entertaining, and spending time with us, when we get the  opportunity to join him.  Although Freddie is anxious for all of us to be with  him, I have told him, that we are not quite ready, to make that journey just   yet.

  I have mentioned to him, about some of the struggles, many of us have had to undergo, here on earth, and he understands.  It's just, that he knows how much you all love him, and would have wanted to see him, when he was here.  But, he also wants you all to just take your time in getting there, because he said, you will have plenty of time to be with him, laugh with him, and share with him, how much you  have wanted to be able to enjoy his  company.

Freddie also, wants everyone to know, how much he appreciates all that you  have done, in his honor, and gets excited, every time he reads one of your e-mails, posted on his web site.  He has also seen your tears, which many have shed for him, as you remember him, and all that he did, while       spending his 22 years, in his  wordily suit.

He especially takes notice of Suzanne, for all her hard work, and efforts in  keeping us all posted, and updating the site, and making it such a joy to have  a part in.  Yes, Freddie is happy with you all, and is humbled, by the way everyone  has paid tribute to him, through these past years.

On my part., as Mando, his television buddy, and best friend, I would like to  say, that I shall always, have Freddie in my heart, and remember him as if he was with me, every day.  Cause guess what?  He is!  I have been in  touch  with Maria Pruetzel, his Mother, who lives in Puerto Rico, and she is  always  so happy to hear from me.

I also, would like to say to you all, thanks so much for your love and caring...Mando

Isaac's tribute to Freddie
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A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie