Jack Albertson  and Freddie Prinze congratulate James Komack for recieving a special award from the city of Los Angeles


Isaac Ruiz portrays Mando, Chico's best friend,
in "E Pluribus Used Car "
Tony Orlando makes a guest appearance as Tomas  Garcia  on Chico and the Man
Freddie with musical director for Chico And The Man Del Casher
Mable played by actress Bonnie Boland gives
Chico a kiss for a present
Freddie along side costar Jack  Albertson
Season 1 - 1974 / 1975

1. Pilot Episode (original airdate: 09/13/74)

Chico tries to persuade Ed to give him a job in the garage.

Guest stars: Rodolfo Hayes as customer, Sidney Clute as police officer #1, Jerry Fogel as police officer #2

W: James Komack, Don Nicholl, & Michael Ross, Bernie West
D: Peter Baldwin

2. Borrowed Trouble (10/11/74)

Chico tries to persuade Ed to take out a loan and improve the garage.

Guest star: Larry Hovis as First customer

W: Norman Barasch & Carroll Moore
D: Peter Baldwin

3. The Manuel Who Came to Dinner (12/27/74)

The irate Chicano owner of a car towed into the garage turns out to be a former friend of Ed's.

Guest star: Danny Nunez as Manuel Carrera

W: Elias Davis & David Pollock
D: Peter Baldwin

4. No Room in the Garage (11/15/74)

When a Spanish-speaking pregnant girl arrives at the garage, Ed assumes that Chico is the father of her child.

W: Bill Dana
D: Peter Baldwin

5. Natural Causes (12/20/74)

After he hears about the death of an old acquitance, Ed becomes convinced that his own days are numbered.

Guest star: Shirley O'Hara

W: Steve Gordon
D: Peter Baldwin

6. Second Thoughts (09/20/74)

Ed is trying desperately to get rid of Chico.

W: Adele Styler & Burt Styler
D: Peter Baldwin

7. Old Dog (09/27/74)

Ed becomes convinced that he has lost his touch as a mechanic.

W: James Komack
D: Peter Baldwin

8. New Suit (10/04/74)

Ed refuses to attend his old army reunion.

W: James Komack
D: Peter Baldwin

9. E. Pluribus Used Car (10/25/74)

Chico dreams of going into the used car business when Louie gives him and Ed his car to sell for him.

W: Larry Markes & Norman Liebmann
D: Peter Baldwin

10. Life Style (11/01/74)

Ed gets the wrong idea about what Chico and his girlfriend were doing in the back of Chico's van.

W: Ron Friedman
D: Peter Baldwin

11. The Veterans  (11/08/74)

Veterans Chico and Ed try to get financial aid from the government.

W: Bud Wiser & Robery Hilliard, Michael Morris
S: Bud Wiser
D: Peter Baldwin

12. The Letter  (12/06/74)

Chico decides to go into business with his cousin in New York.

Guest star: Bonnie Boland

W: James Komack
D: Peter Baldwin

13. Garage Sale (01/03/75)

Ed holds a garage sale after the new inspector says he must clean up the place or get a fine.

W: Ed Jurist
D: Peter Baldwin

14. Ed Steps Out (02/07/75)

A widow buys a bakery down the street from the garage and soon finds herself sweet on Ed.

Guest star: Shelley Winters as Shirley Shrift

W: Jerry Ross
D: Peter Baldwin

15. Out of Sight (01/17/75)

Ed insists on testifying in court as a witness to a car accident, despite his failing eyesight.

Guest stars: Bruce Kirby as Officer Kirby, Rodolfo Hoyos as Rudy, Alma Beltran as woman

W: Ron Friedman
D: Peter Baldwin

16. The Beard (01/24/75)

A philandering husband depends on Ed to cover for him on his nights out.

Guest stars: Jim Backus as Harold Ericson, Audra Lindley as Doris Ericson

W: Robert Hilliard & Michael Morris
D: Peter Baldwin

17. If I Were a Rich Man (01/31/75)

Chico has fallen head over heels in love and Ed is trying to turn him right side up.

Guest stars: Isaac Ruiz as Mando, Liberty Williams as Marilyn Simmons, Perry Cook as customer

W: Jerry Ross
D: Bill Foster

18. Sammy Stops In (02/14/75)

Sammy awes everyone but Ed when he brings his car to the garage to be serviced.

Guest stars: Sammy Davis, Jr. as Himself, Bonnie Boland as Mabel

W: Robert Hilliard & Michael Morris, Martin Donovan
D: James Komack

19. Long Live the Man (03/14/75)

Ed is depressed. Everyone thought he had died and he is convinced that nobody mourned for him.

Guest stars: Isaac Ruiz as Mando, Bonnie Boland as MAbel, Roger C. Carmel as priest

W: Michael Morris
D: Jack Donohue

20. The Doctor Story (02/21/75)

Ed's shoulder hurts, but he would rather use a homemade remedy than see a doctor.

W: Ed Jurist
D: Jack Donohue

21. The Giveaway (02/28/75)

Chico is suddenly keeping strange hours and is carrying a large amount of cash.

Guest stars: Diana Canova as Patty, Roger C. Carmel as priest

W: Robert Hilliard & Eric Cohen
D: Jack Donohue

22. Louie's Retirement (03/07/75)

Louie plans to spend his retirement hanging around the garage.

W: Ben Joelson & Art Baer
D: James Komack

Season 3 - 1976/1977

45. Chico Packs His Bags

Chico decides to leave the garage rather than give in to Ed's demands.

Guest star: Dee Dee Sescher

Note: Show moved to Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

46. Della Moves In (Part 1) (10/01/76)

Ed is threatened with eviction by his new landlady.

47. Second Coming of Della (Part 2) (10/08/76)

When Ed gives up the fight and becomes a recluse, Della gives in and renews his lease.

48. Ed Brown vs. the IRS (11/26/76)

Ed refuses to pay his taxes, so Chico and Louie forge his name to the form.

49. Chico's Problem (11/05/76)

Chico's girlfriend decides to give up nursing, but after saving Ed's life Chico's changes her mind.

50. Ed's Recuperation (11/19/76)

The nurse that Ed hired is only interested in marriage, so it is up to Chico and Della to discourage her.

51. In Your Hat (11/12/76)

Ed refuses to have necessary surgery unless he finds his lucky hat which was stolen.

52. Old Is Old (12/17/76)

Ed hires a senior citizen to work in the garage.

Guest stars: Jim Jordan, Charles Lane

53. Mucho Macho Ed (12/10/76)

Ed plans to marry the woman who claims Ed is the father of her unborn child.

Guest star: Maria O'Brien

54.The Dress (01/07/77)

Ed is upset when he donates his late wife's dress to a charity auction and it is bought by a female impersonator.

Guest star: Charles Pierce

55. Minority of One (01/14/77)

Ed is elected President of the Better Barrio Business Bureau.

Guest star: Nono Arsu

56. Morgan and the Man

When Chico proposes to an old high school classmate, she refuses.

Guest stars: Rose Portillo, Jill Wood

57. Champs Ain't Chumps (01/28/77)

Ed worries when Chico considers becoming a professional fighter.

Guest stars: Milton Frome, Chuck Bergansky

58. Chico's Padre (02/04/77)

Chico's long-lost rich father, Gilberto, returns to give him a better life.

Guest star: Cesar Romero as Gilberto Rodriguez

D: Jack Donohue

59. Ready When You Are, CB (12/24/76)

Ed spends New Year's Eve on the CB with a CBer named Kissy Face.

60. Black Tie Blues (02/25/77)

Ed, Chico and Louie all find ways out of taking Della to a formal dance.

Guest star: Rosey Grier as Himself, Eddie Quillan as hobo

W: John Fenton Murray
D: Jack Donohue

61. Matchmaker, Matchmaker (02/18/77)

When Ed finds out that his meeting with his new girlfriend was set up by Della, he breaks off the relationship.

Guest stars: Jeff Donnell as Peggy Randall, Gary Dontzig as Lawrence Randall

W: Si Rose
D: Jack Donohue

62. Ed Talks to God (03/04/77)

Chico tries to change Ed's mind about not attending his own birthday party by having Ed's old friend impersonate God.

Guest star: Edward Andrews as Blinky Foster

W: Michael Morris
D: Jack Donohue Note: Freddie Prinze's last episode.
Season 2 - 1975/1976

23. The Hallowed Garage (09/19/75)

City officials plan to tear down the garage to make way for a power station.

W: Ron Friedman
D: Jack Donohue

24. Chico and the Van (10/17/75)

A city official claims Chico's van is illegal, so he moves in with Ed.

Guest stars: Penny Marshall as Anita, Ralph Manza as Mr. Gomez

W: Ann Gibbs & Joel Kimmel
D: Jack Donohue

25. Play Gypsy (10/03/75)

A gypsy wants Ed to teach him to be a mechanic.

Guest star: Avery Schreiber

W: Ron Friedman
D: Jack Donohue

26. Auntie Connie  (09/26/75)

Ed falls in love with Chico's Aunt Connie.

W: Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein
D: Jack Donohue

27. The Paint Job (09/12/75)

Ed and Chico have a fight over the alley wall Ed contributed to an art contest.

W: Ron Friedman
D; Jack Donohue

28. The Juror (12/19/75)

Chico finds that the defendant in the case he is a juror on is a friend of Ed's.

Guest star: Jack Bernardi

W: Sandy Krinski
D: Jack Donohue

29. The Misfortune Teller (11/14/75)

Ed tries to find a way of saving the garage from foreclosure by seeing a fortune teller.

Guest stars: Avery Schreiber, Ronny Graham

W: Sandy Krinski
D: Jack Donohue

30. The Strike (11/28/75)

Chico joins the mechanic's union and is forced to picket the garage.

W: Milt Rosen
D: Jack Donohue

31. The Disapperance (10/10/75)

Chico is afraid that Ed is spending too much time remebering the past.

W: Michael Morris
D: Jack Donohue

32. Mister Butterfly (11/07/75)

A Japanese man claims to be Ed's son.

Guest star: George Takei

W: Ron Friedman
D: Jack Donohue

33. Ms. Liz  (10/31/75)

Chico falls in love. He now plans to get married and leave the garage.

Guest star: Ronny Graham as Reverend Bemis

W: Jack Mendelsohn & Lynn Roth
D: Jack Donohue

34 Bird in a Gilded Cage (11/21/75)

Ed is upset when his favorite silent screen actress become a waitress.

Guest stars: Carmel Myers as Violette Myers, Bill McLean as customer, Carols Romero as cafe manager

W: Bernard M. Kahn
D: Jack Donohue

35. The Big Brush-Off (01/28/76)

Chico falls in love with a girl who won't go out with him because he looks like her ex-fiance.

Guest stars: Tony Orlando as Thomas Garcia, Irene de Bari as Maria Esteban

W: Larry Siegel
D: Jack Donohue

36. The Invention (12/05/75)

Ed and Chico are cheated out of $500 when they try to patent Ed's invention: motorcycle training wheels.

Guest star: Ronny Graham as Reverend Bemis

W: Jay Moriarty & Mike Milligan
D: Jack Donohue

37. The Dream (01/09/76)

Chico tries to convince Ed into retiring and going to a senior-citizen home.

Guest stars: E.J. Andre as the doctor, Noela Velasco as Va Va, Queenie Smith as Tammy, Shirley Kirkes as Lola

W: Ron Friedman
D: Jack Donohue

Note: Show moved to Wednesdays at 9:00PM.

38. The Hypnotist (01/16/76)

Chico hypnotizes Ed into marrying Flora.

Guest stars: Ronny Graham as Reverend Bemis, Carole Cook as Flora

W: Doug Tibbles & Barbara Tibbles
D: Jack Donohue

39. Reverend Bemis's Altar Ego (01/23/76)

After Chico makes a guest sermon at Bemis's church, the parishioners find that they want Chico and not Bemis to lead them.

W: Arthur Phillips & John L. Greene
D: Jack Donohue

40. The Accident (02/04/76)

After Chico's accident, Ed borrows money on his insurance to send him to school.

W: Ron Friedman
D: Jack Donohue

41. Chico's Cousin Pepe (02/11/76)

Chico's blind, women-chasing, singing cusin visits.

Guest star: Jose Feliciano

W: Fred S. Fox & Seaman Jacobs
D: Jack Donohue

Note: The title song is sung in this episode by Jose Feliciano.

42. Return of Aunt Connie (02/18/76)

Chico and Ed decide that Connie's new boyfriend is a con artist.

Guest star: Cesare Danova

W: Iris Rainer & Morth Scharfman
D: Jack Donohue

43. Too Many Crooks (02/25/76)

Ed gives a handout to a bumbling crook, then every crook in the neighborhood comes to Ed for money.

Guest star: Joey Bishop

W: Arthur Phillips & John L. Greene
D: Jack Donohue

44. The Face Job (03/03/76)

Ed is offered a free face lift, which almost destroys his social life.

W: Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein
D: Jack Donohue

Chico and the Man episodes staring Freddie Prinze and Jack Albertson

Freddie takes on the role of "Chico"
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