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I would like to personally thank the  following people who were a part of Freddie's life that generously provided there support for this website.

I appreciate there time in sharing with me there personal memories of Freddie Prinze

Isaac Ruiz    Luis Rivera    Maria Pruetzel    David Brenner    Del Casher 
William Perez   Edgar Vasquez

Special thanks go to
Tani   Dani   Marie and   Paul for there terrific resources donated to this site. Thank you  so  much Angela for your special contribution, making the website look so beautiful!

I'm extremely grateful for being in contact with producer John Crenny of the Biography Channel and assisting him on information and resources for the "tragic side of comedy:" special. Thank you for a well crafted and informative program.

A long distance thank you to WRIT My 95.7's Chad West for playing  Special requested music for Freddie Prinze at the Saturday night  disco party

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This site is a tribute to the late Freddie Prinze  and respects the
memory of Freddie Prinze and those who were close to him.

It is my pleasure to be of service to the Freddie Prinze Sr
online community. 

I welcome everyone to the information I have on the site .

Sometimes I  might be able to obtain information that isn't
public knowledge and I'm happy to share that with others.
I ask that credit be given if any info is  borrowed from my site.
I try my best to give proper credit to the sources of any  news,
articles, and images. I do hope that you show me the same
courtesy.  Thank you!

I respect those who were close to Freddie when he was here
with us.  Much appreciation goes to those who were with him,
and have graciously shared there fondest memories to us.
I have and will continue to do so,  respect those  who knew
Freddie  and have graciously privately posted there feelings
to him and  towards this website.

  All posts to the guest book are moderated and will be
subjected to removal if they do not fit the content of this

  Please enjoy this website as I have enjoyed building it in
memory of Freddie Prinze Sr.

  Thank you!
Special thanks!
A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie