In 2001 TVLand added Chico and the Man in there television line up. Airing twice daily, 7:30 am  and 11:00pm  (CDT). 

Today Freddie is featured in the world wide web through various web sites honoring him through  his acting   career on Chico and the Man.

2004 gave Freddie the "Visionary award"  at the TV Land awards. George Lopez  who admired Freddie Prinze  Sr  presented the award  to Freddie's son,  Freddie Prinze Jr. who accepted the award on his father's behalf.

VH-1 "We love the 70's featuring Freddie Prinze as one of the hottest teen idols of 1974

In  December 14 2004 Freddie Prinze will be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a new  star on the famous walk will be  placed in his honor!  This would of  have not been possible if were not for actor, comedian George Lopez who played a big in making it happen . Thank you George Lopez for making this a dream come true!

In late 2004 until October 2007 the American life  network aired Chico and the Man every Saturday evening    

Sadly Freddie passed away on January 29th, 1977 at the age of  22.
After all these years Freddie still has an impact in  so many lives today. 

"The Freddie Prinze Story written by his Mother Maria Pruetzel and John A. Barbour.

Freddie's comedy album available on CD!

You can find these items at

"I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow."  Jeremiah 31:13
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Ira Angustan portrayed Freddie Prinze in the made for television movie; "Can you hear the laughter. The Freddie Prinze story "
Freddie is still remembered through his family, friends, and long time fans from all over the world.
Freddie will be featured along with several other comedians in a Biography channel special called  "tragic side of comedy". 
Wednesday, June 24 9:00pm The Tragic Side of Comedy:
Why do those who make us laugh the hardest seem to have the most troubled souls? This two-hour event will look at the fantastic rises and fatal descents of such stars as John Belushi, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, and others uncovering the reasons why the gift of laughter often comes with such a steep price tag. We'll hear from friends, lovers, colleagues, psychiatrists, authors and more going deep inside the troubled lives and hysterical work of some of the greatest comic minds of our time.

Thursday, June 25 1:00am The Tragic Side of Comedy:

Thursday, June 25 10:00pm The Tragic Side of Comedy:

Friday, June 26 2:00am The Tragic Side of Comedy:

Saturday, June 27 1:00pm The Tragic Side of Comedy:

Sunday, June 28 3:00pm The Tragic Side of Comedy:

Thank you for Mark for taking this photo  of the flowers I had delivered to Freddie. Photos courtesy of Mark Masek

Reflections of Freddie
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A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie