Freddie's multi talent  continues to  bring joy and laughter to those who have always remembered him. My purpose for building this Web site is to remember his laughter that he gave to me as I watched him every week on Chico and the Man,  yet pay tribute to him  in gratitude for all the smiles, laughter, and tears he gave to me as I watched his every move on television. I am grateful for those who still remember him and are not ashamed to share there memories of him.

These past eight years has been a God send as two networks, Tvland and the American Life network aired episodes of Chico and the Man. I, like many other fans was ecstatic over the networks running Chico and the man. I loved Tvland's Chico and the Man marathon during the weekend it premiered.  Watching the same episode twice in one day was one thing I looked forward to in January of 2001 when TVland began to run the show daily. When the Goodlife network, (now the American Life network) aired the uncut episodes of Chico and the Man, I was overjoyed rediscovering Freddie on Chico and the Man and all the missing clips that TVland did aired since they butchered all the episodes leaving out missing scenes. Seeing Freddie all over again, his smile, his laughter, his dramatic side,  gave me a sense of rediscovering Freddie. I wanted to know more about him. Through the help of those who knew him,  I was able to do so.  Many of his closest friends, classmates, and those who admired Freddie, kindly shared there love, memories and sadness as they expressed there feelings for Freddie. I have kept there special moments shared with Freddie private and with there permission shared there fond memories here on this Web site.

It is with great joy that share with you my own way of remembering Freddie



From the heart
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A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie