This is a pictorial of my "Freddie field trip" throughout  Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  "Wheeone" and I  visited many Freddie related  places. Thanks Wheeone for your generosity in showing me these  treasured moments.  They will last a life time!
<  The Plaza hotel. formally  known as the Comstock. Freddie's hotel where he lived till his death  in,77.
Catching a glimpse of Freddie's star on  the  walk of fame

Wheeone and I drove around Los Angeles and the surrounding areas on Sunday November 6,2005.

We decided to stop at a local floral shop to  get flowers to bring at Freddie's crypt. We both purchased a single red rose tied together with colored ribbon and baby's breath.

We  then left  for Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Arriving there we noticed the  Chapel that held Freddie's funeral.

Making our way towards the Courts of Remembrance, we walked closer towards Freddie's crypt.

Turning right  walking inside The Sanctuary of Light we noticed on the far right side where  Freddie and his father Karl were  to rest on the bottom.

As I got closer, I was overwhelmed with emotion but I remained silent. I felt as though I was sad, yet I could not cry for I knew Freddie was at peace.

I stood in front of his crypt realizing how big it actually was. In my mind I told Freddie I loved him and missed him. We all missed him. I touched the plaque that had his name on it and prayed for him. Wheeone and I spent several minutes quitely with Freddie. Wheeone left the area  to give me some  time alone with Freddie.

I  touched the crypt again and noticed something that Wheeone had mentioned to me when we  were together.

Still I could not cry. I was in a state of shock. I then remembered what Freddie's Mother Maria said in her book about her son; "Don't be afraid to laugh. If Freddie knew you were here this morning, he'd want you to laugh. That was his gift to you" **

I remained silent. until I quietly told him  that I loved him and we were all proud of his son Freddie Jr. along with telling Freddie  Jennylee and Tani  loved  him as well.

Freddie is well missed and I am so blessed to been able to visit and talk to Freddie telling him how much we appreciated him  thanks to Wheeone for making this all possible for me!

Visiting Freddie at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood
** Quoted from the "Freddie Prinze Story"
My Freddie field trip November 2006
I went to Los Angeles again this year for another Freddie field trip  as well as visiting other local hot spots in the surrounding area.

During my stay in Hollywood. I  visited local historical places, and a number of places that Freddie were a part of  during his life here in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  Thanks to wheeone for  her courteous driving and laughter that made my trip a special experience.
Pink's Hot Dogs, 709 N. La Brea Blvd. Famous for there variety of hot dogs and hamburgers. Freddie ate there often
Wheeone and I visited the Beverly Plaza Hotel where Freddie lived.
Wheeone and I walked over to see Freddie's room on Monday. As we headed towards his floor and out to see where is room was, we noticed that his room was open. We were both shocked and surprised. we then sat at the tables across from his room. Patiently we looked around and noticed movement inside. We did not know if it was a resident or  hotel staff that was inside. I glanced  inside from where I was sitting  and noticed a dinning room table from a distance and a couch or love seat.

As wheenone and I  looked over the surroundings and  items that were on the tables outside of,  what was Freddie's  room. Someone, who was a staff member of the hotel came out of his room and shut the door.  I then took pictures  and then left the hotel.
We drove around looking for the house that Freddie and Katherine lived in. The canyon roads were narrow and curvy. While we were driving we often thought of how people could actually drive through these roads. We often spoke during our drive on how Freddie would be cruising up and down the  canyon roads. " I can just picture it" I said to Wheeone.  We both agreed on how it  would of been like to drive like Freddie or ride with him through those canyon roads
On Sunday I went to visit Freddie alone at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. I spent a good three hours there, absorbing the peaceful atmosphere. Trekked along the paths as I visited  the church that held the service for Freddie's funeral. I then headed over to Freddie's crypt to visit Freddie. 

As I walked towards Freddie's crypt I was at peace this time and felt a sense of closeness with him. I noticed flowers that were there already.  I then placed my hand upon Freddie name plate and spoke privately to him.

I walked back towards the front entrance and purchased a bouquet of wild flowers  to place by Freddie's crypt..

I left to see other celebrities that were buried there. Before I left to go back to my hotel, I stopped by Freddie's crypt again to speak with him privately and told him that I would see him tomorrow ( Monday) with wheeone.
Monday Wheeone and I stopped at a local store to pick a bouquet of flowers. We then chose our bouquets, personally signed our cards and then left for Forest Lawn Cemetery..

We arrived at Forest Lawn and walked towards the Courts of Remembrance. into the Sanctuary of Light. Wheeone noticed the  abundant bouquets of flowers at his crypt. I could not tell her that one of them were mine, all because it was a private moment for me. I'm sure she would have understood. We then placed our flowers in Freddie's crypt and spoke of how peaceful and serene it was here.
Wheeone's flowers are on the left.  My  second choice for flowers were the flowers that are placed on the right of Freddie's crpt along with my choice from Sundays visit with Freddie.
A Freddie field trip
A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie