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October 18th    “Jack Paar Tonite”, late night ABC. TV talk show; first national exposer

December 6th: “The Tonight Show staring Johnny Carson” (major exposure; Johnny Carson invites Freddie to join his panel of guests after Freddie’s stand up routine. Producer James Komack has seen a video of Freddie’s performance and has taken notice; Prinze may be right for possible role in an upcoming sitcom Komack is doing.)

December 6th : Freddie is a guest on the long running talk show, The Merv Griffin Show.

December 7th The Comedy Store, Hollywood,CA.

December 7th: Bill Hahn’s Resort, Conneticut; The Playboy Club, Boston

January: “Chico and the Man” auditions

January 24th: A guest on “The  Mike Douglas Show”

February: Rehearsals for “Chico and the Man” begin.

February 5th: “The Tonight Show, 2nd appearance.

February 14th “The Mike Douglas Show” (guest)

April: Personal appearances/ concert tour (high lights): Triton College, and The Bitter End (Both in New York); Mr. Kelly’s, Chicago. 1st appearance, ( By this time, taping for Chico and the Man had finished and the series pilot would air/premiere, in September)

April 28th: Freddie’s performance at The High School of Performing Arts Benefit in New York.

July 1st: Hollywood Squares, game show, panelist.

July 10th: 6th Tonight Show appearance.

September 2nd: Panelist on the long running television game show, Hollywood Squares,

September 13th: Chico and the Man premiers on NBC.

October 25th: NBC’s  The Midnight Special, Freddie performs

October : Freddie fires his manager, David Jonas ( out of New York)

December: David files a breach of contract lawsuit against Freddie; Ron Deblasio becomes Freddie’s new manager in Los Angeles.

December (possibly the week of the 9th through the 13th) Freddie co-hosts the Mike Douglas Show for a week.

December 11th: Freddie is a guest on The Flip Wilson Special

January: date unknown, The Smothers Brothers Show, NBC, both Freddie and Jack Albertson guest star.

January 30th Freddie makes the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, with accompanying article.

March 1st: Freddie is a panelist on a night time version of the popular TV game show, The 25,000 Pyramid- (NBC)

March 9th: Freddie is a guest star on  Cher (on her musical variety show

March 15th: Tahoe- Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace, major concert engagement.

March 25th : Freddie meets Kathy Cochran Barber in Tahoe; personal appearance tour with singer Paul Williams;

April 24th: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast honoring Sammy Davis, Jr

April (late): Early May Chicago tour where Freddie performs at the now defunct night club, Mr. Kelly’s (for the 2nd time). His first and only comedy album, Looking Good, is recorded there between May 2nd and May 4th

Monday May 31st, 1976:

Freddie was a guest on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW, along with Robert Goulet, the Bay City Rollers, and comedian Nipsey Russell. In the Chicago ed. of the mag. there is a pic of Freddie and Goulet.

Freddie was co-host of The MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW on Tuesday may 20th, 1975 (other guests were Jack Albertson, Karen Valentine and Peter Gennaro.

Thursday, May 22nd, 1975 : Prinze co-hosted again that week
(May 19th-May 23rd, 1975) Guests were Betty White, Georgia Engel, Allen ludden, and Karen Valentine

May end of the Month: Freddie’s tour is in Washington.

September: The second season of Chico and the Man.

October 13th: Freddie marries Kathy in Las Vegas

November 19th: Freddie is a guest star on The Tony Orlando and Dawn Show ( Freddie and Tony are close friends at this time)

Freddie is a guest on Sammy & Company (1975-1977 actual air date not available)

January 28th : Chico and the Man moves to Wednesday nights; Freddie’s buddy, Tony Orlando, is a guest star on Chico and the Man  “The Big Brush Off“ episode. Which had been postponed from an earlier date.

February 24th :  Freddie appears on the Tonight Show

March 5th:  Freddie, along with many other NBC TV favorites, appear on  “Joys!”, a Bob Hope comedy/ satire.

March 8th:  Freddie James Prinze  ( Freddie Jr.) is born; Freddie concludes a successful tour in Chicago.

March 14th: Freddie guests on a popular Chicago based TV talk program, Kup’s Show.

March 26th- April 4th: A ten day engagement in Miami at the Fountianbleu Hotel.

April 9th: Freddie flies to Montreal, Canada to tape a Bob Hope Special for NBC; the show will also feature Bob Hope’s old partner and friend, Bing Crosby, and several other celebrities.

April 14th: “Dinah!”,  Dinah Shore’s talk show- Freddie is a guest on Dinah’s hour long afternoon talk program.

April 16th: Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, performance.

April 17th: Freddie is a guest star on the Bob Newhart Show

April 21st: The Bob Hope Special taped earlier in the month in Montreal airs on NBC. It is 90 minutes of music and comedy.

April, (actual date unknown): Freddie leaves for Chicago from Los Angeles to film his, starring, dramatic role in an upcoming TV movie, “The Million Dollar Rip Off”.

April 29th Tonight show,  Freddie makes an appearance.

May: A Dinner for Mrs. Gerald Ford (Date unknown)

May 17: The Emmy Awards; Freddie is a presenter for the television awards show. His college and star of Chico and the Man, Jack Albertson, wins “the outstanding lead actor in a comedy series award.

May 20th: Sahara Tahoe public appearance engagemen

June 1st: Host of The Tonight Show

June/July ( Date/month unknown): The Kelly Monteith Show, a CBS TV comedy-variety show; Freddie is  a guest star.

June/July ( Date/month unknown): Freddie tours during the summer as well.

September: The 3rd season of Chico and the Man begins.

September 21st:  Another Tonight Show appearance.

September 22nd: The Million Dollar Rip Off, Freddie’s TV Movie, premieres on NBC. The film bombs, but Freddie is well reviewed for his starring  dramatic role as “Muff Kovac”

September 30th: Freddie opens with Andy Williams for two weeks at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

November 15th: Freddie hosts The Tonight Show.

November 21st: Freddie appears on NBC TV’s 50th Anniversary Special. NBC: The First Fifty Years.

November 25th (Thanksgiving): Freddie is a guest on Dick Van Dykesvariety show, “Van Dyke & Company

November: Freddie tapes “On Location: Freddie Prinze and Friends”, an hour long Home Box Office Cable TV Special. The show is taped at the Improv, a comedy club, in New York. ( Air date unknown).

January 4th: Rehearsal for Chico and the Man, Burbank; Freddie flies  to Vegas for a show at Caesar’s Palace.

January 5th: Rehearsal for Chico and the Man, Burbank. Back to Vegas; closing night at Caesar’s Palace.

January 6th: Back to Los Angeles more rehearsals for Chico and the Man.

January 7th: Freddie tapes Chico and the Man episode number 17, The Tonight Show interview.

January 11th : Chico and the Man number 18 is taped; this episode number 62 of the series, will be Freddie’s final show. It is titled, “Ed talks to God”.

January 18th: Freddie flies to Washington, D.C., to check in and review for the highlight of his career, The Inaugural Gala for President Carter.

January 19th: Guest appearance on The Today Show; The Inaugural Gala for President Carter at the Kennedy Center, and the post Inaugural party.

January 24th- January 27th  Chico and the Man rehearsals for Chico episode number 19, and script reading.

Freddie's  professional career dates
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A look back at the most versatile and talented actor comedian ever!  Remembering the legendary Hungarican  Freddie Prinze
Remembering Freddie
Remembering Freddie